CITC Cosmetology International Trade Company GmbH was founded in 2010 in Bavaria, Germany.

Our company specializes in the research, development and marketing of innovative medical and cosmetic HYALAX products for aesthetic applications.

Our priorities are safety and high quality.

HYALAX products undergo constant and strict quality control and meet all the requirements of European and international standards.

To distribute our products, we are looking for a new partners. If you are interested in cooperation, just give us a call +49 8035 8733 912 or send us an email: citc@hyalax.com

We will be glad to cooperate!


  • CITC GMBH is a permanent participant of international medical congresses, such as AMWC (Monte Carlo, Monaco) and IMCAS (Paris, France).
  • Contact our distributor to find out about the schedule of workshops in your city.
  • We continue to develop products to meet the needs of specialists in the field of anti-age medicine, cosmetology and dermatology.